Implementation of the History Aware Programming Language through Translation into Scala




Ashik, Md. Shamim

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UTSA Department of Computer Science


Many organizations handle information about individuals that those individuals consider private. In many cases, these organizations are required to comply with many regulations that protect this information. This sensitive information is often processed electronically, and there is frequently no rigorous basis for claiming that these software systems comply with regulations. As part of a larger framework, the History Aware Programming Language (HAPL) has been designed to facilitate the development of programs that can be formally verified against formalized privacy policies. This report provides a preliminary description of the HAPL language and its implementation. Using the ANTLR parser generator, we created a parser that can recognize any syntactically correct HAPL program. Moreover, we implemented a source-to-source compiler that translates the correct HAPL programs into Scala programs. Since, HAPL has specialized primitive constructs, the generated Scala code uses an additional Scala library against which provides the necessary facilities; we describe a partial implementation of this library.



programming language, source-to-source translation



Computer Science