Life Histories of Successful Mexican American Women




Salinas, Dora Elia

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This qualitative, life history study examined the experiences of successful Mexican-American women that navigated the educational pipeline to obtain a post-secondary degree. The research question that guided the study: What are the experiences of successful Mexican American women who navigated the educational system in a borderland community? The study was designed using Borderland's theory framework because the women navigated through diverse types of borderland's (i.e. psychological, sexual, spiritual, and physical) to get to where they are at now. Through a life history approach, the women shared their stories of success. People who were influential in their educational paths were identified. Data was analyzed and it was determined that family was their main support system. The women were in pursuit of happiness while changing careers and towns. In the women's upbringing, education became an obligation. In many instances, the women encountered diverse borders to transcend that led to resiliency.


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Bilingual, English Learner, Mexican American, Women



Educational Leadership and Policy Studies