The Multidimensional Social Anxiety Response Inventory (MSARI): development and preliminary examination of psychometric properties

Beck, Mark F.
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The recent publication of the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders has changed the definition of social anxiety disorder (previously social phobia) to focus on the fear response of being evaluated in social situations rather than fear of the situations that trigger their anxiety symptoms. Currently, few instruments exist in the extant literature that measure social anxiety disorder under this new definition because of the relative novelty of the new re-conceptualization of the disorder. A 4-factor model based on responses to social evaluation was examined using data from 887 undergraduate students. Exploratory structural equation modeling, confirmatory factor analysis, and Pearson correlational analyses were used to establish and confirm the structure of the instrument, and to examine evidence of convergent and divergent validity. Results supported the 4-factor model and confirmed the possible utility for this instrument as a research tool and, potentially, for clinical assessment.

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Behavioral Responses, Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Exploratory Structural Equation Modeling, Instrument Development, Social Anxiety