Adjustment to spousal deportation: Exploring the experiences of Mexican immigrant women




Lopez, Anna Laura

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Although previous research has explored the effects of deportation on the mental health of children, little work has explored the experiences of Mexican immigrant women whose spouses were deported. Thus, the purpose of this study was to explore the experiences, mental health needs, and adjustment processes of immigrant female Mexican spouses of Mexican deportees. As a result, the Mexican Immigrant Women Spousal Deportation Adjustment Theory was generated from the participant's stories. This theory describes two adjustment processes, one that occurs immediately after the detention and deportation of the spouse, and a secondary process that outlines the long-term consequences of spousal deportation. Results from this study also revealed that immigrant female partners of Mexican deportees utilized various coping strategies in response to spousal deportation. These coping strategies included social support, familial strength, problem solving, and spirituality.


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Adjustment, Coping, Deportation, Detention, Legal status, Mexican Immigrants