Terrain Traversability Analysis for Off-Road Robot S: Emphasis on Semantic Segmentation And Terrain Classification with Terrain Assessment




Gummidipundi, Manjari Maran

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Terrain Traversability analysis for off-road robots working in unstructured outdoor environments, emphasizing here on semantic segmentation for terrain, terrain classification and terrain assessment. First, a survey on recent research of semantic segmentation for off-road robots. Next, testing and analyzing a method on terrain classification using support vector machines (SVM) with terrain assessment using K-means clustering. Followed by a discussion about efforts to implement and simulate on a real turtlebot3 robot. Finally evaluating and analyzing the results from the algorithmic models. This study can help the reader understand what the results are from the analyses and what can be considered as future work for research and development.


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Terrain traversability, Support vector machines, Turtlebot3 robot



Electrical and Computer Engineering