Hate Speech and Epistemic Violence: A Prioritization Problem for the Atrocity Paradigm




Larson-Schulze, Evan

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In The Atrocity Paradigm Claudia Card argues that ending atrocity should be prioritized over working to end injustice or inequality. This prioritization creates a problem, I argue, in that some injustices are contributors or even causes of atrocity, and that the interconnectivity of injustices and inequality to facilitating atrocity gives reason to examine fighting injustice as a means to end atrocity. My work will use hate speech as an example to demonstrate how some injustices can lead to atrocity, and that these injustices should be given special consideration within the framework of Claudia Card's atrocity paradigm as a means of ending atrocity. To support this thesis, I will examine archival instances of hate speech created by or for supremacist groups and individuals from the latter half of the 20th century and the impact hate speech has on both the direct recipients of the hate and on the public sphere.


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Atrocity, Claudia Card, Hate Speech