Behavior of mechanically spliced concrete reinforcement under dynamic load

dc.contributor.advisorDiaz, Manuel
dc.contributor.authorHolland, Travis Jared
dc.contributor.committeeMemberYang, Mijia
dc.contributor.committeeMemberArroyo, Alberto
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dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this study is to determine the capability of mechanical splices in reinforced concrete to develop the ultimate stress of typical reinforcement without limiting ductility, as referenced in the Unified Facilities Criteria 3-340-02. This study is limited to the test results of one specific mechanical coupler, a shear screw coupling sleeve. A shock tube test series including concrete slabs with continuous reinforcement, lap splices and mechanical splices was conducted to compare the response of spliced reinforcement with continuous reinforcement. Lap and mechanical splices used in the test series were designed in accordance with ACI 318-08. Both types of splices were placed in areas of the slab subjected to high stress and, following industry guidelines, in areas of the slab removed from high stress. Results from the test series lead to the conclusion that mechanical splices perform well under dynamic load and do not limit the global non-linear response, or capacity, of the concrete slab. The spliced reinforcement yields at the dynamic yield strain of the reinforcement and performs similar to the non-spliced reinforcement post-yield. Mechanical splices tested in this study are able to develop the dynamic yield stress of the steel reinforcement and do not limit ductility.
dc.description.departmentCivil and Environmental Engineering
dc.format.extent55 pages
dc.subjectDynamic Load
dc.subjectMechanical Splice
dc.subjectPDC-TR 06-08
dc.subjectUFC 3-340-02
dc.subject.classificationCivil engineering
dc.subject.lcshReinforced concrete -- Testing
dc.subject.lcshStrength of materials
dc.subject.lcshLoad factor design
dc.titleBehavior of mechanically spliced concrete reinforcement under dynamic load
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