Project analysis of residential building construction fatalities




Barrientos Lopez, Noe David

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The construction industry has been affected negatively with high numbers of fatal accidents in the workplace. This numbers have been compared to others industries and have shown that the construction industry has less workers and higher number of fatal accidents. The construction industry is a project based industry with every project having a different location and scope of work. This makes safety management a major concern for all construction sectors especially for the residential sector. The residential sector is a major sector of construction industry activity and a major contributor of fatal accidents.

OSHA has collected information of fatal accidents in the work place which includes Project Level Information. Project Level Information of the accident reports has been used in limited manner to benefit safety management. This study focuses on residential sector fatal accidents using the Project Level Information of the accidents. This information will be cross reference with multiple data sets to highlight safety performance for the residential construction sector. These data sets will show trends and areas where improvement is called for.

The results of this study show that different construction sectors affect different type of workers in different manners. The use of Project Level Information could also benefit other industries and sectors of work. The end goal is to improve safety programs by providing detailed information for specific needs.


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Construction, Fatalities, Residential, Safety