Punishing white-collar crime: An examination of judicial sentencing practices in federal fraud and embezzlement cases




Greenup, Katherine M.

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Historically, white-collar crimes have been neglected by criminologists, due both to a lack of data as well as definitional issues surrounding which acts constitute white-collar offending. With a recent increase in media coverage of high profile corporate offenders, more attention is being drawn to these offenses; however, there is still a dearth of studies that have white-collar crime as their focus. The economic effects of white-collar crime are far greater than those for conventional street offending; yet there is not a consensus within society regarding appropriate punishments. This research will explore judicial sentencing decisions through an examination of 2006 Federal Sentencing Commission Data, specifically those convicted for embezzlement and fraud.


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E.H. Sutherland, embezzlement, fraud, judicial decisions, sentencing, white-collar crime



Criminal Justice