Pedestrian Crash Analysis for San Antonio




Billah, Khondoker Al Sabbir

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Texas is among the leading states in terms of the number of vehicle crashes and crash fatalities. Pedestrians are among the most vulnerable road users to severe injuries and fatalities due to their fragility and slower moving speed. This study concentrates on all crashes that occurred within the boundary of City of San Antonio from 2013 to 2017 and explores the crash distribution, effect of lighting condition, weather condition, surface condition, road type, and vehicle type on these crashes. Pedestrian crashes were analyzed in more detail. This study also analyzes all the fatal and incapacitating injury crashes that occurred within the study period and with special focus on the Strategic Highway Safety Plan defined emphasis areas (distracted driving, impaired driving, intersection safety, older and younger road users, lane departures, and speeding). The crash data were obtained from the Texas Department of Transportation's Crash Records Information System (CRIS) database. The data were processed and analyzed using computer software Microsoft Excel, programming language R, and geographic information system ArcGIS. The results indicate that the severity and frequency of pedestrian crashes were influenced by hour of day, day of week, and month of year. Other parameters such as rainy weather condition, dark lighting condition, and wet surface condition were found to be more susceptible to crash severity. Specific road types such as interstate roads and vehicle types such as motorcycle and tractor truck were associated with higher percentage of severe crashes. Some emphasis areas were found to be correlated with the time and day of crash and lighting condition of road. Some of the emphasis areas require more data to correlate them with other parameters.


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Analysis, Crash, Emphasis-Area, Pedestrian, San-Antonio, Vision-Zero



Civil and Environmental Engineering