Single-stage bi-directional converter for plug-in hybrid vehicle charging and Vehicle to Grid application




Vaishnav, Shesh Narayan Das

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In this thesis, an isolated bi-directional ac/dc converter with a single power conversion stage is proposed for both Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) and charging applications of PHEV. The converter consists of two active bridges connected through a series resonant tank and a highfrequency transformer. Steady state analysis is presented for the proposed phase-shift modulation technique between active bridges, to control the bi-directional power flow in the converter. The converter is also capable of soft-switching operation in all the semiconductor switches to reduce switching losses at high frequency. Simulation results are presented to augment the analysis. The proposed converter has the advantages of minimal power conversion stages, high switching frequency operation, reduced size and low switching losses.


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Power Electronics



Electrical and Computer Engineering