A quality of service electric generation capacity and stochastic optimization theory for microgrids utilizing photovoltaic sources




Rosario, Jackseario Antonio Dionisio Do

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Providing reliability of service is an important factor for the electrical grid network. The electrical grid network is typically designed to provide 100% availability of power from large power plant facilities. This thesis analyzes a future scenario where power generation occurs from smaller, distributed power plants known as microgrids. However, microgrids, especially ones using renewable energy sources as their primary energy resource, may introduce random fluctuations in the power generation process because the power produced by them varies randomly with the time of the year, shading, temperature, and location. We present a power quality of service model which is a derivation of the queuing behavior analysis quality of service model used in the next-generation of wireless networks. The power quality of service model enables us to design availability of power provisioning mechanisms, which when implemented, can be used to optimize microgrids for availability of power guarantees. An important part of the power quality of service model is the "green-energy" storage system that has the ability to independently design the energy and power ratings. The storage system is known as Vanadium Redox Flow battery (VRB) technology. It can be seen as an unlimited energy capacity through use of larger and larger storage tanks. The major goal of this thesis is the design of a theoretical framework for network architecture for power quality of service provisioning for microgrids using the power quality of service model and an adaptive scheduling to shift the load demand. The network architecture has the potential to enable microgrids to provide 100% of demanded power with some probability of commitment.


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Demand Response, Energy Consumption Management, Microgrid, Power Architecture, Renewable Energy, Sustainable energy



Electrical and Computer Engineering