Development of novel fibrinogen-chitosan scaffold for wound healing




Yuan, Tony T.

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Wound healing is a complex process that requires the coordination of numerous growth factor and cell types. Despite the advancement in biomaterial scaffolds, few new wound dressing scaffolds have reached the clinic. The purpose of this research was to develop a novel nanofibrous chitosan (CS)-fibrinogen (Fb) wound dressing, via electrospinning, that is capable of releasing platelet derived growth factor (PDGF) for the promotion of fibroblast migration and wound healing. Novel CS/Fb scaffold was developed as the combination of two different polymer solutions using a dual-spinneret electrospinner. First, scaffold composed of CS and polyethylene oxide (PEO) was electrospun. These scaffolds demonstrated a biphasic solubilization of PEO and followed by CS, which was a particularly unique release kinetic for the release of small molecules and drugs. In addition, increasing CS concentration showed superior inhibition of proliferation and attachment of S. aureus. CS/PEO scaffold was then electrospun in conjunction with pristine Fb to produce a novel CS/PEO/Fb nanofibrous scaffold. The CS/PEO/Fb scaffold demonstrated superb mechanical and homogenous chemical distribution of its polymeric components. In addition, the scaffold had excellent permeation properties to both oxygen and water. Finally, PDGF was successfully incorporated in the scaffold without significantly changing its bioactivity. Exposure to PDGF released from the scaffold for 48 hours, fibroblast migration was significantly higher than treatment with a single dose of 5 ng/mL PDGF. The results highlight the application of the current CS/PEO/Fb nanofibrous scaffold for use as a bioactive wound dressing for the promotion of fibroblast activity and healing.


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Electrospinning, Nanofibers, Wound Healing



Biomedical Engineering