Quantitative and Experimental Analysis of Magnetoelectric and Photothermal Properties of Cobalt Ferrite-Barium Titanate Core-Shell Nanocomposites for Biomedical Applications




Hossain, Shadeeb

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This study focuses on strain-mediated magnetoelectric Cobalt Ferrite CoFe2O4 – Barium Titanate BaTiO3 (CFO-BTO) nanocomposites and elaborates on their potential biomedical applications. The nanocomposite is analyzed in the context of its ability to induce magnetic hyperthermia and its ability to be used in photodynamic therapy by analyzing the absorption peak. A feasibility study using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is performed to analyze the potential of core-shell Cobalt Ferrite-Barium Titanate at inducing localized hyperthermia. The temperature required for hyperthermia is approximately 420C and the rate of change in temperature in the surrounding homogeneous dielectric medium due to core-shell nanomaterial is studied using the Pennes bioheat equation. A comparative study was performed to quantitatively analyze the rate of change in temperature for (i) Cobalt Ferrite (ii) Cobalt Ferrite-Barium Titanate (iii) increasing the concentration. The study also focuses on the photoacoustic effect of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles and cobalt ferrite-barium titanate nanocomposites, with their emission ranges determined using In Vision 256 TF, UV-Vis-Spectrometer (Ocean Optics) scanned from 195 nm to 1121 nm; FTIR spectrometry study to analyze the absorption peak between 0.02 mm to 2500 nm. The goal is to identify the absorption peak in the NIR (Near Infra-Red) region as there are weak absorption peaks that are less likely to be scattered by soft tissue in that region. The study concluded that Cobalt Ferrite-Barium Titanate nanocomposite is a better candidate for inducing hyperthermia and the absorption peak for Cobalt Ferrite-Barium Titanate is in the UV range (depending on size) and Far IR range.


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Cobalt Ferrite, Cobalt Ferrite-Barium Titanate, Hyperthermia, Nanocomposites, Optical Absorption



Electrical and Computer Engineering