Fast Power System Dynamic Simulation Using Continued Fractions




Liu, Chengxi
Wang, Bin
Sun, Kai

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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers


This paper proposes a novel method for power system dynamic simulation that solves power system differential algebraic equations by a semi-analytical and semi-numerical approach using continued fractions. The method implements a two-stage scheme to enhance online performance of simulation: the offline derivation stage finds approximate analytical solutions, so-called “semi-analytical solutions,” for state variables of dynamic devices, such as generators in the form of power series of time with symbolic coefficients about system conditions; the online evaluation stage substitutes values on actual system conditions for symbolic coefficients, then transforms the solution into a continued fraction to prolong its time interval of accuracy, and finally calculates the system’s trajectory over consecutive, adaptive time intervals for expected simulation results. A priori error bound for continued fractions is proposed to enable the simulation on adaptive time intervals. Compared with the conventional numerical simulation methods, the proposed continued fraction-based method has a fast simulation speed and a good suitability for parallel computing. The method is demonstrated and tested on the IEEE 9-bus system, the IEEE 39-bus system, and Polish 327-generator 2383-bus system.


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continued fractions, differential algebraic equations, error bound, dynamic simulation


Liu, C., Wang, B., & Sun, K. (2018). Fast Power System Dynamic Simulation Using Continued Fractions. IEEE Access, 6, 62687-62698. doi:10.1109/ACCESS.2018.2876055


Electrical and Computer Engineering