High-Throughput Refractive Index Quantification via Photonic-Crystal Biosensor Microscopy




DeLuna, Frank

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The work presented in this dissertation describes the development and application of a Photonic-Crystal based biosensor in a Total-Internal-Reflection (PC-TIR) configuration for various biomedical applications. The biosensor utilizes refractive index (RI) as a means of detecting and distinguishing between different cell types and biomolecules. Specifically, we demonstrate the use of the PC-TIR biosensor for the detection of prostate cancer cells and the evaluation of prostate cancer progression using cellular RI as the only contrast parameter. Additionally, we report the development of a high-throughput, multiplexed, antibody-antigen biosensor based on the PC-TIR biosensor for accurate analysis of biomarkers pertinent to traumatic brain injury (TBI). This study highlights the potential of the PC-TIR biosensor as a powerful and versatile platform for various biosensing applications.


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Photonic-Crystal biosensor, Biomedical applications, Traumatic brain injury, Cancer cells



Biomedical Engineering