Distributed antenna system for next generation broadband wireless system using radio over fiber




Khalid, Fahad

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The demand for broadband cellular services is increasing with the fast development of wireless communication. 4th generation or 4G wireless is the key to the coming era of broadband services. The performance of these signals drops very fast in the indoor environment, which is a very big issue in these days. This thesis studies the effect of using cost-effective distributed antenna system (DAS) using radio over fiber (RoF) technique for 4th generation wireless system and wireless local area network (WLAN). In this research work, we transmit the 4G radio frequency (RF) signals and WLAN (IEEE 802.11a) signals through fiber, then distributing these signals on a DAS. The performance was monitored and optimum values were obtained. Both of the wireless system used in the research are using orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM). One of the biggest drawbacks of OFDM used in 4th generation wireless system is non-linear effect, which is clearly observed in the research work. We also proposed a pre-distortion method for the non-linearity of the RoF system.


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4G Wireless, Distributed Antenna System, Radio over Fiber, WLAN IEEE 802.11g



Electrical and Computer Engineering