Estimating the Temperature and Density Regime of Cataclysmic Variable V884 Her




Hernandez, Andrew Allen

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In this study, we conducted an analysis on the cataclysmic variable V884 Her utilizing spectral data in the far-uv range collected by the FUSE mission. The data was retrieved from the Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes (MAST). The primary objective was to ascertain the density and temperature ranges within the accretion region of V884 Her, shedding light on the physical conditions prevailing in this astronomical system. By determining the density and temperature regimes, we contribute to the broader comprehension of the accretion processes and plasma physics governing these cataclysmic systems. We employed the Chianti database to plot line ratios, offering insights into the temperature variations prevalent in the accretion environment. The results of our analysis provide a foundational understanding of the thermal characteristics of V884 Her, laying the groundwork for subsequent detailed investigations. By elucidating the density and temperature regimes, our analysis sets the stage for more intricate examinations of V884 Her and other similar astrophysical systems.



far-uv, FUSE, line fitting, spectroscopy, V884 Her



Physics and Astronomy