Preparing principals for social justice leadership




Baker-Martinez, Darcy

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The purpose of this study is to examine the experiences of social justice leaders to uncover specific leadership competencies that may inform current principal preparation programs. This study employed a qualitative multiple case study design. The three participants all shared many common strategies on how they manage the multiple forms of resistance they face. One key finding was the fact that all three participants reported their own staff members to be the strongest source of resistance they face. All three participants emphasized the importance of building trust and relationships with the staff and students before attempting to make structural or personnel changes. Through communication and reflection, the participants were able to find common ground with staff members. All three participants also reported having similar experiences in their principal preparation programs. The three participants completed their coursework as members of a Master's cohort. The three participants also reported that they participated in a principal preparation program that had a social justice leadership emphasis. All three participants credit their Master's cohort/ principal preparation program with advancing their social justice.


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Justice, Leadership, preparation, principal, program, Social



Educational Leadership and Policy Studies