A computational model of the porcine eye for investigation of primary blast




Watson, Richard A.

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The purpose of this work was to create a computational model for investigating the internal dynamics of the eye under the uniquely transient loading imposed by blasts. A model of the porcine eye was developed in conjunction with a large cohort of physical blast experiments to porcine eyes. The model was based on extensive review of previous computational models as well as data from physical experiments in the literature. The response of the model showed potentially injurious stress and strain values in the regions of the eye that sustained injury in the physical experiments. The model response suggests a mechanism of injury wherein the motion of the vitreous, induced by the compressive effects of the blast at the front of the eye, resulted in contrecoup loading in the posterior layers of the eye.


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Blast, Eye, FEA, Injury, LS-DYNA, Trauma



Biomedical Engineering