The Movement to Equality: The Latina High School Principal




Vidaurri, Kristina

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Research on Latina high school principals is miniscule in comparison to the research on the overall high school principalship (Shakeshaft, 1989). The limited scope of the gender balance at the high school level gives tacit acknowledgement for further determination as to why more Latinas are not leading high schools. This value is compelling given the abundant presence of female teachers in our public schools. The purpose of this study seeks to examine the experiences and career paths of the Latina high school principals serving in large comprehensive Texas public high schools to better understand why there continues to be a lack of equity in the high school principalship.

A qualitative study was selected as the research design for this study. Three Latina principals who were leading 6A high schools were chosen for this study. Interviews were conducted to examine the experiences and career paths of a Latina high school principal in Texas. The analysis of the interviews revealed the following themes: family support, career patterns and the middle school experience, the role models and advocate, being involved as a child, definition of success, service orientation, being Latina and becoming a high school principal. Through these themes emerged a conceptual model of Connective Leadership. The experiences and career paths shared were all connected to other people whether it was from their upbringing or their journey as a principal which is aligned with Connective Leadership.


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Female High School Principals, High School Administration, High School Principals, Latina High School Principals, Women equality, Women leaders



Educational Leadership and Policy Studies