Defining Mexican orientadores educativos' roles in grades 7--12: A Dephi study




Zambrano, Elias

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This study investigated orientadores educativos' (school counselors) role and work behaviors in Mexico's public schools, grades 7 through 12. A review of literature indicated orientadores educativos' role definition could support development of a unified professional identity and standardized training programs. The selected Delphi research method utilized ten participant experts in orientacion educativa (Mexican school counseling) from diverse geographic areas. Participant expertise reflected leadership in orientacion educativa's national association, its journal, counselor education, and school district level program coordination. Three Delphi communication rounds were used. Qualitative content analysis of participants' round one responses to two open-ended research questions identified 62 role statements and 133 work behaviors statements. Identified role and work statements comprised an evolving questionnaire employed in Delphi rounds two and three. Employing Delphi consensus building procedures at 80% or greater agreement, participants identified 6 roles and 28 work behaviors considered to be important, very important, or essential to the functions of orientadores educativos. An emerging role and work behavior model for orientadores educativos was developed through the inclusion of role and work behaviors statements identified at 70% participant agreement level. Qualitative content analysis processes applied to participants' round two and three comments identified role ambiguity and development of professional training standards as critical emerging themes for Mexico's orientadores educativos. Additionally, a proposed model for strengthening orientadores educativos' professional roles evolved from participant responses. Participants' suggested strategies for utilizing study results over time to positively impact influencing factors such as professional training, among others. Such action could improve appropriate role and work behavior expectations, thus improving the quality of service to students and a unified professional identity.


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Mexico's Orientacion Educativa, Orientadores Educativos, Orientadores Work Tasks, Orientadores' Roles, School Counseling Internationally, School Counselors in Mexico