Using Close-Range Photogrammetry to Estimate Aggregate Embedment in Chip Seals




Masad, Ahmad

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Chip seal is a cost-effective pavement surface treatment technique commonly used for enhancing pavement longevity and structural resilience. An essential parameter for the assessment and management of construction quality in chip seal applications is the level of aggregate embedment. Current methods for assessing aggregate embedment in chip seal often rely on subjective visual analysis and imprecise binder application rates. This underscores the imperative for a more dependable, data-driven, and engineered methodology for evaluating this critical parameter. This study aims to develop a quantitative methodology for measuring aggregate embedment through the introduction of an innovative application of Close-Range Photogrammetry (CRP) to address the determination of aggregate embedment.

The study initiated the creation of 3D models of chip seal using CRP, based on two- dimensional (2D) images captured with a smartphone camera. These models facilitate the generation of aggregate distribution curves, enabling the quantification of embedment within chip seal samples and field trials. Results show that CRP is effective in detecting various levels of embedment depth. In laboratory specimens, clear variations in aggregate distribution curves validate the reliability of CRP. Finally, field demonstration revealed that CRP was able to detect between bleeding and non-bleeding areas in chip seal sites.


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Civil and Environmental Engineering