Human-Machine Interaction Using the City of San Antonio as a Case Study




Olusesi, Gabriel Oluwaseun

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A chatbot, also known as a dialogue system or a conversational agent, is a computer program that can imitate a conversation with a user. In the past decade, chatbot technology has evolved tremendously, thanks to the growing popularity of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Chatbots prove themselves as valuable tools in many situations and are visible in almost every aspect of our daily lives. This project investigates the design, architecture, and applications of chatbots. Google Dialogflow is used as a toolbox to design a conversational agent that the residents of San Antonio can use to request services from the city, such as animal concerns, Graffiti & waste collection, Park and recreation, and scheduling appointments for an in-person visit.


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Human-machine interaction, San Antonio, Chatbot



Electrical and Computer Engineering