Massive long-duration interactive messaging system architecture and testing: a case study on smoking cessation program

Sankarawarrier, Suraj Edamana Warriem
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This thesis addresses the system design, verification and testing aspects of multistage automated protocols. A case study that is taken for presenting the results is QUITXT, a mobile text messaging service that aims to help people - adults above 18 years old – to quit smoking and be smoke free. This program is designed to work as a “virtual personal assistant” having intelligence to provide 24/7 encouragement, advice and tips to help smokers quit smoking and stay quit. System architecture consist of State machines, Messages, Tailored Handling mechanism, Data Base, Scheduler, Input from users, Tailoring System and an Output – Message to cell phones. To test the QUITXT system a tailored Graphical User Interface simulator is developed. The system supports the population of South Texas.

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Automated Protocol, Messaging System, QUITXT, Smoking Cessation, Tailored System Design, Testing Approaches
Electrical and Computer Engineering