Revitalization of downtown Carrizo Springs, Texas: 2030 Vision




Haynes, Elizabeth Dobie

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One of the key elements that defines a community is the town center. A viable and vibrant downtown district provides its citizens with a sense of community and a commitment to place. Like many small towns, Carrizo Springs's downtown district has suffered over time due to superstore development and economic downfalls. The center no longer serves as the primary economic hub, entertainment center, and civic forum.

Chapter one contains a brief description of the landscape and early inhabitants of the Dimmit County area dating back to the 17th century, while focusing on the political, social, and economic history of the establishment and development of Carrizo Springs.

Chapter two is an analysis of the 2009 physical and economic conditions in the downtown district of Carrizo Springs. This chapter focuses on documenting and identifying current problems with the existing land/building use, vehicular/pedestrian circulation, and the visual image of the downtown district.

Chapter three lays out the 2030 Vision for the downtown district of Carrizo Springs. The recommendations in this study are the product of thorough analysis of the history and existing conditions. The 2030 Vision focuses on the town center and its place-making elements. A master plan for the downtown area is put forth with the focus on the redevelopment of the core commercial zone. Strategies for commercial and social revitalization are also outlined in this chapter.

This plan provides the citizens of Carrizo Springs with the tools to revitalize and reshape the built landscape of the community to ensure future growth, prosperity, and quality of life.


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