Rechazo Rhetoric: Chicanx and Latinx Resistive Strategies that Ignite Deliberation




Eddy, Sonya Barrera

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This dissertation describes rechazo rhetoric. Rechazo rhetoric is defined as a resistive strategy that uses art and performance, including but not limited to performance of self, literature, art, poetry, music, and dance with the purpose of resisting marginalization by building coalitions and igniting deliberation to create "I know you" moments. This dissertation describes rechazo rhetoric used by Chicanx and Latinx communities in South Texas by first examining the novel Caballero, and how it is used in the classroom to teach diversity and ignite deliberation around difficult topics; the community education of Puentes de Poder which ignited community deliberation around Hays Street Bridge complex in San Antonio; and the digital performance of self and community by t.e.j.a.s., a Houston-based organization whose purpose is to ignite deliberation around environmental justice topics and build coalitions in the community. I conclude with a pedagogical coda describing how rechazo rhetoric works in the writing classroom using two examples, one in secondary and one in post-secondary.


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Deliberation, Latinx, Performance, Resistive Strategies