Leveraging a Delay Tolerant Network Approach for Critical Network Architectures




Garcia, Jose Alberto

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Advancements in network and communication technologies have enabled new network architectures to connect a growing amount of people and devices. Critical network architectures can reside in challenged environments that pose risks to network reliability and performance. Challenged environments constitute areas where assumptions of end-to-end connectivity cannot be made and as a result classical network models, such as TCP/IP, may not be suitable. In this work, a Delay Tolerant Network (DTN) framework is applied to a critical manufacturing use case scenario. The tradeoffs of using a DTN approach are evaluated in a commercial cloud environment via simulation of data pipelines running the High-rate DTN (HDTN) software implementation. Experimentation revealed inconsistent dynamic routing and performance degradation as current issues with the HDTN software that need to be addressed to make it a viable solution in critical manufacturing environments. For the dynamic routing problem, the behavior is that the router module prefers to utilize an active HDTN router for bundle processing. When reviewing performance degradation there are opportunities for improvement through tuning of convergence layer adapters or hardware acceleration, if applicable. While issues were observed in using the HDTN overlay, this work is an early attempt to incorporate HDTN in a manufacturing use case scenario. In this research, we seek to provide a baseline in exploring a DTN solution for critical manufacturing architectures for future delay tolerant applications.





Electrical and Computer Engineering