Design and development of a simulation game for lean administrative process training




Mirehei, Seyed Moussa

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As the market becomes more competitive, more and more companies strive for higher efficiency and productivity. As a result, waste elimination using lean tools and principles becomes more popular. In order to achieve a lean environment, workforce development and training on lean is one of the major steps. In the last several years, hands-on simulation and training has been introduced as an effective educational tool. There is several existing lean simulation games designed to address lean implementation at different settings. A thorough survey conducted on the current state-of-the-art of the lean simulation games indicates that there is a lack of functionality in the existing simulation games for use in lean administrative process training. Specifically, existing simulation games fail to incorporate some very effective lean concepts for administrative processes and the lengthy run time required by existing games. Therefore, a new innovative simulation game specifically addressing lean administrative processes is designed and developed in this thesis. This Lean Office Game (LOG) covers some of the most effective lean concepts for office applications not covered in other existing lean office games using much less training time as compared to that of other existing office games. Also, to exploit the benefits of virtual and web-based simulation, a web-based version of the LOG containing certain changes from the physical game is proposed. Finally, a case study of the game implementation is included to demonstrate how LOG would enable lean education, implementation, and transition.


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Mechanical Engineering