Smart Self Powered Weigh-In-Motion System




Vishwakarma, Gopal Bhaskarrao

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Currently, the traffic related fatalities are one of the growing problems around the world. According to U.S. Department of Transportation, the vehicle conditions and road/environment are one of the major factors which causes overall 5.2% traffic related fatalities in United States. The TRS (Traffic Recording system), weigh-in-motion and vehicle data recorder is placed all around United States under LTPP (Long Term Pavement Performance) project to study the parameters such as traffic density, overweight vehicles, over speeding vehicles and classify vehicles defined by The Federal Highway Administration. The main disadvantages of this system are the high cost and high-power consumption which limits its adaption in many places. This research developed a novel smart self-powered weight-in-motion (WIM) system incorporating piezo sensors and a low power micro-controller with a generic algorithm to classify vehicles. This system was tested with Universal Testing Machine (UTM) to recreate impressions of various vehicles on piezo sensors disks and calculated parameters such as weight, speed of vehicle, class, axle counts etc.


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FHWA, Harvesting, Microcontroller, Piezo Sensor, Vehicle Classification, Weigh-in-motion (WIM)



Electrical and Computer Engineering