An advanced wireless sensor networks for continuous health monitoring




Arekapudi, Sowjanya

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Wireless Sensor Networks is growing rapidly in today's technology world. The sensors have a large number of applications starting from military surveillance to daily civilian use. Among all the applications, Medical Applications play a very important role in saving lives of hundreds of people through sensors. The Biosensors termed as "Ring Sensors" help us in the long term monitoring of a patient.

In this thesis a small telemetric sensor for long term monitoring is presented. The ring sensor is attached to the patient's finger for reading the pulsations and the resulting data is sent to the host computer through a transmitter. This sensor can be worn without medical supervision. The wearable Bio-Sensors are accompanied with alarm algorithms so that whenever a defect is detected the alarm rings and the patient can be attended. These ring sensors can even detect a missed dose of medication by sensing the blood pressure levels.

The basic construction of the ring sensor starts with Motes like MICA and MICA2, which are the prototypes for nano-devices. In this thesis Motes are being tested and the results are shown that Motes provide promising results. A Double Ring Sensor is proposed which eliminates the disadvantages of the basic ring design. Thus, these ring sensors provide promising results for patients and also avoids long wait time for the costly admit to hospitals.


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Electrical and Computer Engineering