Enlisted women veterans and employment: A logistic regression analysis




Burns, Mario Alexander

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There is a dearth of research and information regarding women veterans. Women veterans serve just as honorably as men, however their service is often diminished and not given the same respect as men veterans. This study was developed due to the numerous calls for research from an abundance of sources. Given the importance of social support to the transition from the military for women veterans, a logistic regression analysis to evaluate the odds of women veterans obtaining employment given their perceived level of social support was conducted. Results of this study provide empirical support for social support as a predictive factor towards employment for enlisted women veterans. By having a broader understanding of the perception of social support for women veterans, and their ability to obtain employment, counselors may enhance their service delivery towards this unique population. The focus on distinct challenges faced primarily by women veterans could lead to an enhancement of services tailored towards their needs.


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Dissertation, Employment, Logistic Regression, Veteran, Veterans, Women