Learning through Play: A Multi Case Study of Young Children's Inclination to Share

Amadasun, Ejiroghene
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This study aimed to explore sharing in the context of collaborative guided play. This qualitative, multi-case study addresses the question: How do young children engage in sharing behavior during play? This study took place in a suburban neighborhood within a large urban city. Three children were the focal points of this study, and the data sources used for this research were observations, field notes, audiovisual and digital materials. At the end of the data collection, I drew up themes gathered from the data using cross-case analysis. The findings revealed that the sharing behavior and nature of the children varied; while there were opportunities where the children shared without conditions and any inhibiting factors, there were other times they shared at their convenience and with nothing at stake.

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Antisocial behavior, Early childhood, Play, Prosocial behavior, Sharing, qualitative
Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching