A Study of Restricted Crossing U-Turn(RCUT) Intersection




Guddeti, Sathwik Reddy

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Transportation experts today are confronted with the test to meet the versatility needs of a steadily expanding populace with restricted assets. One possible treatment to alleviate congestion and safety issues at rural expressway intersections, while attempting to maintain a strategic distance from signalization or grade‐separation, is the Restricted crossing U-turn treatment, which has been effectively executed in Michigan, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, and Louisiana.

The treatment includes the preclusion of left‐turn and through movements from the side‐street approaches and accommodates them by requiring drivers to go right onto the main street and afterward make a u‐turn movement at a one‐way directional median opening downstream. Left‐turns from the major road approaches are executed in a way like left‐turns at a conventional intersection and are unaffected. Although this kind of intersection treatment is commonly viewed as a corridor‐wide treatment, the idea has been effectively utilized at isolated intersections to enhance traffic flow and improve safety.

This report presents design guideline recommendations for the execution of restricted crossing intersection treatments in Mississippi. Specific items tended to in this report include general design elements, cross-sectional elements, intersection and crossover design details, pedestrian accommodations, traffic control gadgets, lighting, marking, historical safety performance, development costs and phasing, and public involvement efforts. The proposals contained in this record cannot have any significant bearing to all circumstances as each venture is one of a kind and commonly require their own variations to site‐specific conditions.

A significant number of the design elements suggested for the Restricted Crossing U-turn and MUT crossovers coordinate the current Texas department of Transportation practices for arterials. All references contained in this report refer to the 2014 release of the TxDOT Roadway Design Manual, which is as of now undergoing a noteworthy modification. Therefore, the planner ought to check that the latest plan criteria are being utilized preceding starting an outline.


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Alternative intersection, MUT intersection, RCUT intersection, Superstreet



Civil and Environmental Engineering