Exploring Novel Physical Properties of Nanomaterials via Electron Holography and Vibrating Sample Magnetometry




Galindo, Arturo

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Highly sensitive magnetometry is the foundation to study the magnetic properties of numerous nanomaterials. Due to their size-dependent properties at the nanoscale, much attention has been devoted to magnetic nanostructures for their scientific and industrial importance. Many of the significant advances in the field are due to advanced characterization techniques. It is well known that vibrating sample magnetometry is well suited to accurately measure the collective magnetic moment of nanomaterials. However, due to the advent of more complex nanostructures, characterization techniques with nanoscale resolution are necessary. Off-axis electron holography is a unique tool used to study the physical properties of nanomaterials such as electric and magnetic fields at the nanoscale. Therefore, in this dissertation, the combination of vibrating sample magnetometry and off-axis electron holography brings forth a unique characterization approach. By implementing this methodology towards ferromagnetic, magnetocaloric, and superconducting materials, this doctoral work demonstrates the significance of coupled macroscopic and local nanoscale measurements to understand the underlying physical properties of nanomaterials.


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Magnetic Nanomaterials, Nanowires, Off-axis Electron Holography, Superconductivity, Vibrating Sample Magnetometry



Physics and Astronomy