Strengthened regression testing with fine-grained object comparison




Hossain, Al Amin

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Due to the inception of computer technology, development of reliable (i.e., bug-free) and efficient software programs has been one of the most significant concerns for the software programmer's/developer's community. The reliability and efficiency has become progressively complex over time. Even if a set of tools and methods for program analysis, debugging, and profiling has developed to assist software developer. However, these tools vary widely in their design and intents. Therefore, understanding existing software is an everyday task in software engineering, and software need to keep update for better performance. In addition, the several bugs (errors or other defects) are always existent in new version of a software, and technological innovation also demands for new software, so software versioning is very much usual in this era. However, it is challenging to determine which part of the software has been changed compare with previews version. Until now there have no software regression testing tools that can effectively determine the object level changes in the new version of software. Therefore, in this thesis we have taken into consideration and developed a software regression testing tools that can divulge object level changes of different versions of particular software. The extensive evaluation results have demonstrated that our technique has adequate sovereignty to identify the object level changes.


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Information Dumping, Instrumentation, Object Comparison, Software Object, Software Regression Testing, Test Information



Computer Science