El tallercito de son satx: Creando comunidad a traves de la cultura




Cabunoc Romero, Keli Rosa

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This research explores Chicanx identity and how cultura, specifically son jarocho, can be used to reshape and remake identity. Son jarocho, a musical and cultural tradition from Veracruz, México, has moved across borders, and is now present in the U.S. (Díaz-Sánchez and Hernández, 2013). However, there is little documentation as to how son jarocho is embodied in the communities that are practicing this music. This research documents how an intergenerational collective of Chicanxs in San Antonio, Tejas is using son jarocho and its cultura to decolonize their identities, reclaim indigenous and afro-mestizo roots, and as a vehicle for social justice. Through testimonios from Chicanxs, this thesis documents how son jarocho traditions and culture have formed transnational communities between Chicanxs and communities in Veracruz, México. Through Chicana feminist epistemologies (Delgado Bernal, 1998) and decolonial research methods (Tuhiwai Smith, 2012), this thesis documents Chicanx stories through Chicanx voices. This research aims to help fill the need for documentation—through Chicanx voices—on how Chicanxs today are using the arts to build community.


The author has granted permission for their work to be available to the general public.


Chicana feminist epistemology, Chicano/a Chicanx Identity, cultura, decolonial, social justice, son jarocho



Bicultural-Bilingual Studies