Structural dynamics of unmanned aerial vehicle with wing tip mounted rotor mechanism to enable hybrid hover and forward flight




Postwala, Jimmy Navroz

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The report of this project describes the various design stages in detail as it was carried out from theoretical design stage i.e. starting from the design of the root airfoil and the calculation of the length of various ribs required for the design of the wing structure to the CAD design of the wing on solidworks, to fabrication and assembly of various parts of the wing and its supporting auxiliaries with the help of 2D and 3D printers and finally the experimental testing and the results of the UAV followed by conclusion and the future work. This particular UAV is a very unique design of a fixed wing hybridized with a dual rotor-motor attached to the truss arm to enable VTOL as well as forward flight efficiently. Experimental testing includes structural analyses of the fixed wing during various flight conditions such as vertical take-off and landing and transition of the UAV from hover to forward flight. The report characterizes how the structure of such an aircraft was achieved through attentive design stages. UAV systems with their apparatus have been extremely useful in civil applications such as agriculture, forest, marine pollution, disaster situations etc. The control aim includes hovering of the UAV and being able to transition to smoothly from hover to forward flight. The report also includes the design of the fuselage.


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Mechanical Engineering