Professional development strategies to integrate technology into writing instruction

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dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this study was to assess the technological methods available to writing teachers during professional development. The Local Writing Project (LWP) hosts a five week summer institute based on the writing workshop model for writing teachers from Pre-K-16. The design of the workshop is to share general writing knowledge, and this study focused on the possible integration of writing throughout the process. The technical aspects looked at the beliefs that teachers brought into the summer, the factors that play a role in integrating technology into curriculum, and how professional development can be adapted to help teachers integrate technology into their lessons. The findings included teachers' fears of technology, the factors related to teacher support systems and professional development unrelated to technology integration during a general summer in-service. Recommendations for future summer institutes include a Computer Instructional Technologist to help with the topics and computer set up, schedule the writing assignments to include technology throughout the summer, and offer communication support systems to help teachers on computer integration topics during the whole year.
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dc.titleProfessional development strategies to integrate technology into writing instruction
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