The Intervisuality of Julie Speed's Collage Works




Walker, Hannah

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This thesis investigates the use of collage as a means of storytelling in the artworks of Julie Speed, a contemporary artist residing in Texas. In particular, this thesis looks at three periods of Speed's artistic career, examining the use of collage in each period in relation to narrative. Each period is explored through select artworks, consisting of two-dimensional collage. Multiple intervisual references and physical collage sources are discussed as they assist in narrative development, helping build relationships with the audience.Chapter One covers an introduction to the artist Julie Speed and the involvement of narrative in her collage practice, while also placing her art within a context of historical collage as well as introducing concepts and definitions relevant to this research. Chapter Two covers the early period of Speed's collage practice in its beginning stages. Chapter Three covers the experimental period wherein Speed incorporated new sources of material and collage techniques. Chapter Four covers the current period of Speed's collage practice, reaching to today. Chapter Five covers final thoughts, limitations of this research, and areas of future study.



collage, hyperimage, intertextuality, narrative, pastiche, Speed



Art and Art History