Local and Landscape Effects on Wild Bees Along an Urbanization Gradient in Central Texas




Lent, Sally Peilynn

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Public awareness and concern for widespread declines in pollinator populations have sparked interest in investing in urban green spaces as habitats for these populations. This study sampled a gradient of urban green spaces to determine what factors may influence bee community attributes. Bee communities from nine major urban green spaces and the local site characteristics were surveyed for seven months, and the landscape composition surrounding each site was quantified to determine the influence of land use on bee genera diversity and richness at both the local and landscape scales. Multiple linear regressions were constructed to identify what variables may be influencing the differences in bee communities between sites. The models broadly suggest that at the local level, urban bee genera diversity and richness were negatively impacted by an increase in floral species richness. Additionally, bee genera richness increased as litter cover increased, and manure decreased. At the landscape level, an increase in water cover and decrease in fine vegetation were associated with an increase in bee genera diversity. This study will provide information on the impact of urban development on wild Central Texas bee populations and contribute to knowledge on the use of urban green spaces as sites for urban bee conservation.



Bee, Landscape analysis, Local analysis, Texas, Urban development, Urban green spaces



Integrative Biology