Early Childhood Leaderships' Perceptions of Developmentally Appropriate Instruction




Guerrero, Andrea L.

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This qualitative research study explored six leaders' perceptions of developmentally appropriate practices in early childhood. These participants currently serve as leaders who oversee early childhood grade levels. A snowballing technique was employed to recruit participants. Although each participant resides and works in the same Texas city, they each represent a diverse range of school districts and one community-led early childhood program. The purpose of this study was to capture each leader's perceptions of what they consider to be developmentally appropriate instructional practices for the grade levels that encompass early childhood on each of their respective campuses. This study also examined how each leader perceived their leadership role in promoting these practices. The theoretical frameworks that guided this research were grounded in child development theories and critical educational leadership theory.


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developmentally appropriate practices, early childhood education, leadership, perceptions



Educational Leadership and Policy Studies