Multicultural Texts in the 3rd Grade Dual Language Classroom: How Multicultural Texts Foster Biliteracy and Identity Creation of Bilingual Latina/o Students




Rodriguez, Hilda B.

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The study observed how multicultural texts foster biliteracy and identity creation in a third grade dual language classroom in a school in South Texas by using various multicultural texts discussing issues of civil rights, immigration, and deportation. Through the use of a qualitative lens, the research observed students in a third grade dual language classroom and their connections to the issues brought from the multicultural texts. The students participated in read alouds, writing connections and book creations where their conversations and connections to the books were recorded using video and audio recordings to find emerging themes from their discussions. The findings revealed students fostered their biliteracy by the various ways they made language choices in the classroom and how they used various translanguaging practices to make sense of their learning. The findings also revealed how students created and maintained multiple identities, especially transnational identities, where students understood specific lexical border terminology.


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Bilingual Classroom, Biliteracy, Dual Language, Multicultural Texts



Bicultural-Bilingual Studies