The Relationship Between Water Shortage and Political Cooperation: An Analysis of North America, Asia, Africa and South America




Underwood, Blaine, III

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The research in this thesis examines the relationship between water scarcity and political cooperation. In order to analyze the relationship, this thesis will contain a qualitative analysis on how countries in North America, South America, Asia and Africa find ways to cooperate with each other over water shortages. The partnerships in each of the continents have their own unique ways of cooperating, which suggests that cooperation over water scarcity will become more common than political actors having conflicts with each other. Water is too significant of a resource for many nations and other types of political actors that are located in those four continents to fight over, leading to nations that heavily disagree with each other on other issues to form unexpected alliances with each other.


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Cooperation, water, Water scarcity, Political actors, North America, South America, Asia, Africa



Global Affairs