Testimonios of First-Generation Chicana Faculty in Counselor Education: A Narrative Inquiry




Garcia, Jessenia

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Latinas/os are the most underrepresented ethnic group among those pursuing higher education. Additionally, Latinas in faculty positions make up a mere 2.2% of all faculty. Literature on Latinas and Chicanas in academia highlights the navigation of academic and cultural spaces, continued marginalization and isolation, and political perseverance. However, the field of counseling has yet to examine the experiences of Latinas/os in counselor education. This qualitative study examined women who identify as: (a) Chicana, (b) first generation college graduate and (c) tenured or on the tenure-track faculty in a counselor education program. Ten Chicana faculty members were interviewed and their testimonios were analyzed through narrative analysis of personal and academic experiences. The finding provided the following themes: utilizing community cultural wealth as first-generation students and faculty; identity development within the borderlands with subthemes (a) education and family, (b) professional and personal identity, and (c) cultivating cultural identity; and disrupting systems through advocacy. Implications for Chicana faculty recruitment and retention are provided.


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Chicana faculty, Counselor Education, Narritive inquiry, Testimonios