Location methods of oscillation sources in power systems: A survey




Wang, Bin
Sun, Kai

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The deployment of a synchrophasor-based wide-area measurement system (WAMS) in a power grid largely improves the observability of power system dynamics and the operator’s real-time situational awareness for potential stability issues. The WAMS in many power grids has successfully captured system oscillation events, e.g. poorly damped natural oscillations and forced oscillations, from time to time. To identify the root cause of an observed oscillation event for further mitigation actions, many methods have been proposed to locate the source of oscillation based on different ideas and principles. However, most methods proposed so far for locating the oscillation source in a power grid are not reliable enough for practical applications. This paper presents a comprehensive review of existing location methods, which basically fall into four major categories, plus a few other methods. Their advantages and disadvantages are discussed in detail. Some trends and challenges on the problem of oscillation source location are pointed out along with potential future research directions. Finally, a practical, general scheme for oscillation source location using available location methods is suggested and analyzed.



power oscillation, oscillation source location, traveling wave, damping torque, mode shape, transient energy, oscillation test cases library


Wang, B., & Sun, K. (2017). Location methods of oscillation sources in power systems: A survey. Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy, 5(2), 151-159. doi:10.1007/s40565-016-0216-5


Electrical and Computer Engineering