Advanced hashing with hybrid key duplication for IP address lookup




Tiengtavat, Rujiroj

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In the past decade there has been an increasing need for designs to address the time and cost efficiency issue from various computer network applications such as general IP address lookup or specific network intrusion detection. Hashing techniques have been widely adopted for this purpose, among which XOR-operation-based-hashing is one of most popular techniques due to its relatively small hash process delay. In most current commonly used XOR hashing algorithms, each of the hash key bits is usually explicitly XORed only at most once in the hash process, which may limit the amount of potential randomness that can be introduced by the hash process. As described by Martinez and Lin [8], a series of bit duplication techniques are proposed by systematically duplicating one row of key bits. This thesis further looks into various ways in duplicating/reusing key bits to maximize randomness needed in the hash process thus to enhance the overall performance further. Our simulation results show that a very significant reduction in the amount of hash collision is obtained by the proposed technique.


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duplication, hash, hashing, hybrid key, ip address, lookup



Electrical and Computer Engineering