Northern Leon Creek Greenway Fish Community Surveys to Enhance Urban Fishing




Buchanan, Madeliene A.

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Leon Creek is a 92 km ephemeral stream in San Antonio, Texas, that contains numerous permanent and semi-permanent pools. A 32 km reach of Leon Creek is encompassed by the Leon Creek Greenway (LCG) which contains a paved trail utilized by outdoor enthusiasts. Fish community assessments were conducted in spring and fall in five Leon Creek pools (0.07 to 0.89 hectares in size) existing within a 5.1 km reach of the LCG in 2019 to determine the potential of Leon Creek as an urban fishery. A total of 2,651 fish were collected representing 11 species. Six sunfish species (Lepomis spp.) and largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) were the primary recreationally important fishes present and accounted for 14% and 43% of the total catch, respectively. In Earl Scott, Fox Park, and Oxbow, the three largest pools, sunfish comprised 50-68% of all fish collected, whereas in Bridge and UTSA pools, sunfish accounted for 5-9% of the total catch. Mean length of sunfish was also greater in the three larger pools (118-149 mm) compared to the smaller pools (66-89 mm). Largemouth bass catch frequency was greatest in the UTSA Pool (94%); however, all of these fish were collected during spring and < 80 mm in length. Largemouth bass catch frequency was similar among the three largest pools (28-33% of total catch) and mean length was greatest in Earl Scott (215 mm) and Oxbow (188 mm) pools. This study recommends fisheries management and public awareness efforts to enhance Leon Creek as an urban fishery.



Fish community, Fish surveys, Largemouth Bass, Leon Creek, Leon Creek Greenway, Sunfish



Environmental Science