Elementary Principals' Perspectives of Texas Teacher Non-Renewal Policies and Practices Permitting Teachers to Resign in Lieu of Non-Renewal


This research delves into the complex realm of teacher non-renewal policies and practices within the context of elementary education in Texas. It focuses on the unique phenomenon where, despite principals diligently documenting teacher incompetency, teachers are often given the option to resign instead of facing non-renewal. This study employs a phenomenological qualitative approach, drawing upon the lived experiences and perspectives of three retired elementary school principals. Organizational culture theory is used to explore the disjunction between the espoused theory and theory-in-use in district policies surrounding teacher non-renewal. The problem statement underscores the principal's responsibility in hiring, developing, supporting, and evaluating teachers as paramount. When faced with persistent teacher incompetence, principals must navigate the complex process of documenting and potentially recommending non-renewal, often involving the district's human resources personnel and legal team. In many cases, teachers are offered the option to resign, raising concerns about their potential continuation of ineffective teaching elsewhere. This study explored how elementary principals in Texas experience the application of Texas teacher non-renewal policies, the moral and ethical dilemmas surrounding teacher resignations, and the level of support and organizational culture within their respective districts. The significance of this research lies in bridging a gap in the current knowledge by providing insights into principals' perspectives on teacher non-renewal, thus potentially influencing district practices and policy development. Furthermore, this research sets the stage for further investigations into strategies to support administrators in making informed hiring practices.



elementary, non-renewal, phenomenonological, principal



Educational Leadership and Policy Studies