The stories of caregiver wives of combat injured army service members: a narrative approach




Foyou, Reneé A.

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Military service members and their families experienced significant changes following combat deployments to war zones in Iraq or Afghanistan. These changes were related to physical, environmental, cognitive, and emotional stressors. These changes for some service members affected their overall capabilities post-deployment. Wives of combat injured service members often were charged with the caregiving duties for their husbands. Over a decade later researchers scarcely began to understand the experiences of this population of women. There was a significant need for insight into the post-deployment functioning of these military families. Educated mental health professionals could be instrumental towards the overall wellness of these military families. The purpose of this study was to understand the narratives of caregiver wives whose Army active duty enlisted husbands experienced a combat related functional disability. A narrative inquiry was employed to describe, analyze, and restory the narratives of some of these women.


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Army caregiver wives, Counseling, mental health, military, military families, Narrative